It's easy to see why one has neighbourhood envy here in the Junction. With it's wide main street, Dundas Street West, decent parking and curb appeal I must admit I get a bit green with envy! In the past 10-15 years this west end spot has exploded in popularity.

Don't wait for Toronto Life to write up an even more biased version of what's suddenly cool in the Junction, I'm going to lay it down for you the only way I know how. You may not agree but that's OK, I'm just trying to shed even more light on what I've been telling potential buyers for years, yes....The Junction is it! Please read on or not but most importantly, go and explore this area for yourself!!

The retail mix has really changed for the better with awesome restos (hooray Curry Twist!!), bar none chocolate shops (Delight: this place will give the best Belgian chocolatiers a serious run for their money, trust me I would know..if there are three things that I'm a snob about they have to be chocolate, coffee and jeans) I digress in a major way. In addition to my happy rant above, the Junction has some good organic grocers as well as coffee spots and a really fab Benjamin Moore store on the corner of Pacific Avenue and Dundas Street West.

The Green P situation is not a bad one, there's a big P behind the Benjamin Moore as referenced above. Take note "other" west end hoods, parking on Sunday is FREE! BTW, the parking ticket fellows here are as gung-ho as they are on Roncesvalles Avenue. 

You're just going to have to snoopvestigate this hood on your own rather then read my version of things. Wait..wait...if you're hungry for healthy fare, head on down to The Beet click here... The Huevos Rancheros and GF cupcakes will put a huge smile on your face!! For GF baked goods in general, check out Bunner's...this is the point where I buy the fabled P90X dvd...I kid.

Did I mention all the amazing furniture shops here?? Think Cornerstone...very drool-worthy furniture as well as several others that you need to snoop-vestigate on your own as I am making this write-up far too biased. Other cool places include Post & Beam, Smash, Haveli Home and to quell the style desires of your inner west end hipster, head to Mjolk, the haus of non-Ikea Scandinavian cool....

There's also excellent doggie daycare and boarding at The Dog Lounge located on Dundas West just east of Keele. Owner Laura Attard will love your pooch like her own sweet pups! To check out the locations and all of the businesses in The Junction, please click

Technically the borders are as such: this hood carries the name it does as it is bounded on three sides by railway lines that enclose the area in a triangle form. So from around Symington Avenue, north of Bloor Street West and where Dupont Street and Dundas West converge is supposed represent the border of the Junction. However, us Realtors have slightly altered the boundaries for marketing purposes so someone like myself would say that the point where Dupont Street and Dundas Street West converge and moving westward along Dundas Street West and slightly above up to the train tracks heading towards  Runnymede Street is where I would consider the Junction to end. The southerly borders would be around Annette Street. Some may disagree but tough bananas. The JRA has a slightly different southerly border, but that's OK. We all should have an idea of where this hood lies, I hope:)...

*This border map is courtesy of the Junction Resident's Association*

The housing stock falls under the category of 2 and 3 storey Victorian style houses built between 1880 and 1910. Some of these homes on their tree lined streets have been converted into multiple family dwellings, in other words income properties. As of late some builders have felt like turning churches into lofts along Annette. The former Czechoslovak Baptist Church was bought out on the corner of Annette and High Park Avenue and townhome units have prevailed in it's place within the confines of the exterior church facade some years ago. The other heritage structure that has been completed in the last number of years is the former Presbyterian church on the corner of Annette and Medland Street, the Victoria Lofts. Now in 2020, the church at the south/west corner of Annette and High Park Avenue will become another lofty build.

The closest subway station depending on where you are located in the upper or lower Junction (north or south of Dundas Street West) could be High Park or Keele station. To check the bus routes that travel to any of these subways, visit the the TTC website for up-to-date specifics. To read a bit more about The Junction, click this link  Junction Triangle

For school listings hit the site or rather the link as referenced above. It's more convenient then the Toronto Catholic District School Board site in that it allows you to just type in the name of your street and you have an instant outcome of all schools in your specific district.

Take the time to enjoy all that is The Junction, also don't miss the Contact Photography Festival in May, it runs until the 31st. Don't forget the Junction Summer Solstice festival in June! Good times! Also not to be missed is the Junction Farmer's Market held every Saturday from 8.30am-12.30pm during the warmer months!  click here! 

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