See what my past clients have said about their experiences with me. As a Toronto West End specialist, I've curated these reviews towards home and condo owners, those looking to rent, landlords, and commercial deals in the West End Toronto area!

I am in the process of making my first real estate purchase, and Sofie has made it stress free and fun.

Wanda P.

I contacted Sofie about suggestions of rental properties in the areas I was interested in. Sofie was very prompt to respond, and provided me with many different options. Sofie also followed up frequently with properties she thought may interest me. I would recommend Sofie to anyone looking to rent or to buy a property in the area.

Diane S.

Sofie is a long-time realtor in Roncesvalles Village, and as a member of the Marketing and Promotions Committee of the Roncesvalles Village BIA has proved herself time and again as a committed and dedicated volunteer.

Keith D.

Sophie was an excellent real estate agent who was patient and flexible in helping us find the house we needed, and knowledgable and effective in selling our own house. I whole-heartedly recommend her services without any reservation.

Cyril G.

Sofie made my experience in acquiring my first commercial space very relaxing. She took care of all the paperwork, explained everything I needed to know and never let me stress about anything. She has since checked up on me twice a year just to make sure I'm happy with my acquisition! I highly recommend her!!

Geoff W.

I have been a client of Sophie's for many many years. I have purchased and sold houses with her as my agent on a number of occasions. I have found her to be honest, forthright and always knowledgable about where and what she was showing me. In other words she never wasted my time showing me properties that I would have no interest in. Professional and direct service always with of course her sense of humor. Thanks again for all your input, advice and help Sophie it always helps me.

Helen B.

Sofie is a highly competent, dedicated, and focused real estate broker. She always puts her client's interests first and works very hard in helping people find a home. Sofie is someone you can trust and I feel confident that she will look after my clients in the highest professional manner

James H.

It's hard to limit Sofie's attributes to only three as required by LinkedIn. Sofie has proven herself to be an expert in the area of Real Estate, both commercial and residential. She helped me (and my collective) acquire a commercial space on Bloor Street, Toronto and took care of all of the negotiating. We have gone back to her time and time again for help with renegotiations for renewals and is always available for advice and support.

When deciding to start to process of shopping for our first home - my husband and I went to Sofie again. Although we've just started the hunt, we are sure she will be a major part in not only finding the right place but in also helping us make the right deal in the competitive residential real estate market in Toronto. She is incredibly trustworthy and we know she has our best interest at heart. 

I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking for an amazing and hardworking real estate agent. She will go the extra mile for you!

Christine L.

Very smart, hard working, dependable, proactive, Sofie is a terrific person to have on your side...

Andy S.

I have known Sofie for over 10 years and can confidently state that as a real estate broker she is one of the best. She is attentive to her clients and always strives to find the right fit. Sofie is reliable, dedicated and determined. It is my pleasure to refer her to my clients as I know that they will be treated with the utmost respect and attention.

Carlton H.