These are pandemic times...

Monday Mar 16th, 2020


It’s no joke by now that we are faced by some interesting times…and here I was about to write my first blog post since like forever about the modified/ more lax stress test coming out early April however the Coronavirus beat me to it. So, in an effort to not sound trite or repetitive as I am clearly not an epidemiologist nor a virologist moonlighting as a real estate broker, I will not pontificate on what I frankly know little about other than what has been launched my way and your way in the media. So far in the past few days we have had the US and Canadian governments take more drastic measures to “flatten the curve” of transmission of this virus while finding ways to limit the economic sh**nado that is slowly unravelling.  

Only time will tell if recent rate cuts north and south of the border will have a significant impact on for instance the sale of homes. It’s an interesting Catch 22, we have record low rates yet this highly transmittable virus is frankly making people think twice about touring homes and sellers not wanting people inside their homes.

If you are a seller now in this market, I would suspend public open houses till further notice. Also, if you are still entertaining showings, ask that buyer agents and their clients refrain from entering your home if they have symptoms, remove their shoes as always upon entering, apply hand sanitizer and hopefully do not touch too many surfaces. Or….ask that they wear plastic disposable gloves. It’s a bit “Sleeping With The Enemy” but given that I have always been borderline germ-phobic I would ask everyone to do this if I were selling my own home.

If feasible, sellers would be perhaps better off moving out temporarily and staying with family or find short stay accomodations. Yes, this is a pain but better to be safe. To heed extra caution, I might suggest refraining from selling all together at this moment in time until things stabilize and we know more than we do now. I’m no Ray Dalio but lately even he has gotten things wrong but I know where I stand on the germ front. We’re all adults and know better, do what our mamas always told us to do: wash our hands, sneeze into the crook of our elbows and don’t leave the house when we are sick. It still makes me laugh with all the people that insist that they just have a “minor” cold or allergies…um..yeah…stay home!!

In closing folks, stay safe and try to help those around you that you think may need help in any way.

We’re all in this together😊



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