Corona Rant...

Wednesday Mar 25th, 2020


The Conference Board of Canada's Canadian Outlook Executive Summary – Spring 2020 indicates the Canadian economy, previously on precarious footing, is now on the brink of recession due to COVID-19, the rail blockades and a collapse in oil prices. Now this is a snippet I copied and pasted from some publication and I apologise for not remembering which one, I blame all the social distancing and being cooped up at home eating far too much cheese despite claiming I am... [read more]

These are pandemic times...

Monday Mar 16th, 2020


It’s no joke by now that we are faced by some interesting times…and here I was about to write my first blog post since like forever about the modified/ more lax stress test coming out early April however the Coronavirus beat me to it. So, in an effort to not sound trite or repetitive as I am clearly not an epidemiologist nor a virologist moonlighting as a real estate broker, I will not pontificate on what I frankly know little about other than what has been launched my way and your... [read more]