What are y'all up to after the work from home day ends?

Wednesday Apr 8th, 2020


Does anyone know what day it is? So far, I have adopted a social isolation outfit that is bound to keep me socially isolated under normal non-pandemic like circumstances…I am pleased to say that I shower daily and wear a “nicer” track suit everyday kind of like Tony Soprano but minus the velvet. I am curious, beyond what I know my social circle and family is doing more or less, what are others up to after their work from home day ends? Has anyone reorganized every... [read more]

To Pay or Not to Pay

Wednesday Apr 1st, 2020


To Pay or Not to Pay This has been the question that has plagued many Tenants and Landlords since the start of the pandemic. The deluge of opinions that have flooded social media and the news channels up to this point have been plentiful. Given the upheaval this virus has caused medically, socially and financially thus far, it is safe to assume business owners and Tenants would be questioning whether or not they would be required to make their rental payments come April 1st. As a Broker,... [read more]

Corona Rant...

Wednesday Mar 25th, 2020


The Conference Board of Canada's Canadian Outlook Executive Summary – Spring 2020 indicates the Canadian economy, previously on precarious footing, is now on the brink of recession due to COVID-19, the rail blockades and a collapse in oil prices. Now this is a snippet I copied and pasted from some publication and I apologise for not remembering which one, I blame all the social distancing and being cooped up at home eating far too much cheese despite claiming I am... [read more]

These are pandemic times...

Monday Mar 16th, 2020


It’s no joke by now that we are faced by some interesting times…and here I was about to write my first blog post since like forever about the modified/ more lax stress test coming out early April however the Coronavirus beat me to it. So, in an effort to not sound trite or repetitive as I am clearly not an epidemiologist nor a virologist moonlighting as a real estate broker, I will not pontificate on what I frankly know little about other than what has been launched my way and your... [read more]


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