What are y'all up to after the work from home day ends?

Wednesday Apr 08th, 2020


Does anyone know what day it is? So far, I have adopted a social isolation outfit that is bound to keep me socially isolated under normal non-pandemic like circumstances…I am pleased to say that I shower daily and wear a “nicer” track suit everyday kind of like Tony Soprano but minus the velvet.

I am curious, beyond what I know my social circle and family is doing more or less, what are others up to after their work from home day ends?

Has anyone reorganized every cupboard in their house? Gone through their tax receipts? Tried some new recipe? Fixed something they have neglected for far too long? Dyed their hair a fun colour? Finished a make-up tutorial only to realize no one can appreciate it unless they Facetime?

I did not need a pandemic to find out that I really should never bake again. Enough said. I would sooner succeed at unclogging a blocked sink or toilet (which I have btw) than making a basic pound cake. No more kaffe klatch for me.

In addition, I have come to the grim discovery that I live with a miniature beaver…wait a dog….I know he’s still a puppy but must he chew drywall after all the playtime we have and fun puppy toys around? Luckily, I know how to fix that but have chosen to tackle furniture that needs assembling instead.

I am dating myself by saying this but frankly if it were not for caller ID, me and a couple friends (y’all know who you are, admit it!)  would still be prank calling your house Jerky Boys style most likely at the most inopportune times. Not very mature, very true, however these days we need some laughs.

I have even resorted to making my own “masks” out of bandanas because Dr. Oz told me so. So, if you happen to see what may appear to look like a woman in her usual apocalyptic outfit of black wearing a bandana mask and a beat-up Detroit Redwings ballcap, waive from 6 feet away!

I would love to know what anyone is doing besides working from home!

Stay safe folks!




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